About Us


Koopman Lumber & HardwareKoopman Lumber operates 8 locations in Massachusetts. We have three full line lumber, hardware, paint, lawn and garden stores in Whitinsville, Uxbridge, and Grafton, MA, one lumber, hardware, paint, and design center in Sharon, MA, a full service paint store in Milford, MA, and lumber yards in Hudson and Andover, MA. We also operate a lumber distribution center servicing the building trade.

We offer the following departments or services at one or more locations:

  • Lumber and Building Material Sales
  • Hardware, Paint, Lawn and Garden
  • Equipment Rental
  • Power Equipment Sales and Service
  • Window, Door, and Millwork Sales
  • Kitchen Design Services

We are operated by the third generation of the Koopman Family who are very actively engaged in the business on a daily basis providing 200 local jobs and supporting local communities.



Who We Are

Koopman Lumber & HardwareWe are Koopman Lumber Company. The company you see today draws strength from the roots planted by Peter T. Koopman in 1939 and cultivated by him and the stalwart teams that he was able to lead for decades. Today, Pete’s grandson, Dirk, Dirk’s sister Denise and her husband Tony lead a group of over 200 employees nearly 300 employee seeking to live up to the standards set by Pete’s legacy of honesty, integrity, and unending hard work.

Koopman Lumber began in the building trade and we are always looking to build for the future. Since 2011, five locations have been added to completely cover eastern Massachusetts and reach much of New England. In three cases, multi-generation family businesses were acquired, stabilized and grown while honoring the legacies of those families. A paint store in Milford, Lampson Lumber in Hudson and most recently, Doyles Lumber in Andover were acquired. Additional locations were added in Sharon and a distribution site in Sutton to significantly expand capabilities in kitchens and millwork.

Who we are isn’t a simple question for Koopman Lumber. When you service and sell everything from engineered lumber to horse feed, it’s tough to narrow it down to one thing. One of the biggest challenges to the Koopman approach is making sure everything we do is well done and as a leader in our market. In large part this comes down to people. We work very hard at staffing our wide variety of operations with people that know their area of expertise extremely well. We then make sure they are equipped to fill customer needs with every resource available. As you learn more about Koopmans, we hope you will appreciate the dedication put forth to serve your needs and the needs of every customer. Whatever we do for contractors and builders, we always strive to be True to the Trade℠.


What We Do

Koopman Lumber & HardwareLumber is in our name. Lumber and building materials are at the core of what we do. For contractors, we have an extensive network of professionals that allow us to service the builder. In addition to our network of lumber yards, each builder is supported by an outside sales representative that supports the planning of construction as well as on the jobsite. Coordination with our engineered lumber and estimating departments assist in planning the project and is backed up with a dedicated inside salesperson. This process of planning and coordination takes place before the first piece of lumber goes out on a truck. Our state of the art distribution centers (DCs) then fulfills orders delivering them on a GPS tracked fleet throughout central New England. Our DCs also deliver complete kitchen packages specified by our kitchen design staff. Our kitchen staff can also bring the entire showroom to your home and do a 2020 design on site via our three mobile showrooms.

The hardware and paint stores are where most of the homeowners and smaller contractors will interface with Koopman Lumber. Although we began selling out of Pete’s basement and garage in 1936, we’ve built a fantastic network of lumber/hardware/paint stores unlike any other in New England. These stores allow us to effectively service any customer large or small. Our expertise in lawn and garden and live plants has developed over the last several years to be a destination for expert advice and great value. Helpful advice is a cornerstone throughout the company including in paint where even choosing a paint color can be a daunting task. We understand and are here to help. From the simple paint project to complex industrial applications, we have the coatings industry covered.

This is just a small sample of what we do at Koopman Lumber. Most importantly we are your neighbors and members of your local community simply seeking to serve you. Although we no longer build houses ourselves, we started as builders by trade. The most important building we can do is building a relationship with our customers to be a dependable resource for a lifetime.


Our History

Koopman Lumber & HardwareFounder Peter T. Koopman set the bar high as he volunteered for those less fortunate in Mississippi and many rural areas in the South, and traveled to help rebuild areas struck by natural disasters. He also coordinated sending truckloads of hay from this area to drought stricken farmers in the Midwest. These acts come from a mindset that we are blessed and should be a blessing to others. This is the reason why we work so hard to support local communities through schools, churches, and other groups. Up until the week he passed away at the age of 88, Pete continued to volunteer for the benefit of others.

Pete Koopman was a resourceful builder who was willing to share resources with others. By stockpiling materials he needed to build, he was able to offer those materials to others from his garage and basement just a few feet from where the current Whitinsville store stands today. His wife would tend the five children, and take care of contractors wanting supplies when they rang the doorbell on the garage. After WWII, John Nyenhuis returned from his service in the Navy and helped establish the hardware store and solidify the complete lumber yard. John was joined by several others who returned from the war and were provided work at Koopman Lumber as part of the GI Bill.

Pete’s son, Bob Koopman joined Koopman Construction in 1962 helping build houses in the area. Bob’s brother, Don Koopman returned to town in 1973 and focused on hardware side of the business after serving 20 years as a school teacher and salesman.

Pete was the original founder, but it wasn’t until Don arrived that Koopmans took the steps to really fortify the foundation on which today’s Koopman Lumber is built. Not long after Don’s arrival, Koopmans underwent its first expansion to a storefront on South Main St in Uxbridge before moving to its current location on Rt 16 in 1980. In 1982, property was purchased and renovated in Grafton to house its hardware store and lumber yard. Don not only oversaw the first retail expansion, but he also invested in the business with some of the first computerized inventory control systems available and embracing all that True Value could offer in the hardware arena. In 1987, Don’s son, Dirk Koopman returned to the business after playing professional basketball in Germany. The Whitinsville store was expanded again in 1989. Dirk’s sister Denise returned to Whitinsville with her husband Tony and they joined the business in 1996. Three years later, the Uxbridge store was expanded and modernized. After nearly a decade of planning, the current Grafton facility was constructed behind the original store. Just a few months after Grafton opened in 2002, the massive new distribution center opened in south Uxbridge making a dramatic leap forward in our delivery capabilities.

Each expansion we have undertaken has been rooted in the desire to continually provide excellent service to our customers. A paint store was acquired in Milford in 2011. Knowing that painters need a supplier in close proximity to where they are working, we expanded our trading area to better serve them. We then undertook the construction of the Sharon facility, which opened in the summer of 2013. After sending hundreds of delivery trucks to the greater Boston area in recent years, we believed we could better serve our customers with a location in the Metro West area. Since then, Lampson Lumber was acquired in March of 2015 continuing over 100 years of service to the Hudson area and another family owned operation, Doyles Lumber in Andover was acquired in September of 2017. These locations serve as critical delivery outposts for the entire operation but along with all six yards, are extremely convenient pickup locations as well.

At the end of the day, it’s about the relationships. We know that unless we meet people where and how they need to be met, we can’t fill their needs. Every day, we strive to meet the high standard set so many years ago. We know life is about much more than worldly possessions; it’s about knowing the Great Creator and serving Him every day. That’s why honesty, integrity, and hard work undergird all we do at Koopman Lumber. We will continue to be grateful every day for the blessing of being able to serve those that give us the opportunity to serve them.


The Koopman family circa 1936.

The Koopman family circa 1948.

This is the first retail hardware store on Church St in Whitinsville. Notice the basketball hoop on the side - the Koopmans have a long history in athletics!

The original Grafton store was a service station and then a custom van shop before Koopman acquired it. The current Grafton store sits on this parcel.

The Whitinsville Koopman Lumber store.

The Grand Opening of the old Grafton store. Koopman Lumber was Koopman True Value for over 30 years before 2013.

Peter T. Koopman in front of the Whitinsville store.

Koopman Lumber donates nearly 500 loads of hay to Southern farmers during a draught.

Don and Peter Koopman gettting ready for the 2 day 50th anniversary bash at the Whitinsville, Uxbridge, and Grafton stores.

Dirk Koopman was an incredible and imposing basketball coach for the Whitinsville Christian School Crusaders.

Koopman Lumber "Mom-and-pop" store turns 50 years old and they get ready to open a new store in the area.

Koopman Lumber speaks out after a local resident parked a truck in their parking lot with anti-Dutch messages.

Peter T. Koopman not long before his passing. He loved logging. He would cut, split, and sell the wood and donate all the money to charity.

Peter Koopman passes away at the age of 88 in 1996, leaving his wife of 64 years, 3 sons, 2 daughers, 16 grand children, and 13 great grand children.

TruServ honors Don Koopman with the TruServ Manufacturing 10 High Sales Honor Roll Award in 1997 at the TruServ Spring Market in Dallas, TX.

The Koopman Lumber Grafton location has a Grand Re-opening in fall of 2002.

Koopman Lumber thrives during the econnomic doldrums that exacted a toll on the reset of the state and nation.